Alright, Gamescom isn’t over, but I’m not patient enough to wait until I have decent articles written. Here’s my list of things-to-pay-attention to:

When they said ‘fans needn’t be worried,’ I started getting nervous.

New trailer for what I assume is a horror game.

New game announcement, looks kind of interesting. The numbers on their stomach represent how many times they’ve died. Something about this game reminds me of Limbo, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. |: !

Another new game that was announced, this one didn’t get any screentime at the presentation. It looks like a basic 2D platforming phone game…

Its official title is Gravity Rush. Much better!

Downpour and the HD collection will be released on both XBOX360 and PS3.

I didn’t watch the video because I still haven’t played Revalations. So sue me (read: someone lend me this game already). I can tell without watching that the video is full of awesome.

The new official trailer, complete with weird techno.

Random Banter:
PS3 price dropped to match PS Vita!
A billion new Skyrim race screenshots. This one is my desktop background, for obvious reasons. (…It’s my player character, guys.)
3DS sales jump up 4745% after the price drop.

PS Vita Details: Trophy Screen, impressive specs (read: at least as good as the PS3), a leaked feature slideshow, dev kit priced very reasonably.

this is the vita, btw

I am still pretty amazed that there are some gamers who haven’t even heard of the Vita. So here, allow me to blog about it. It’s the first system since the Gameboy Color that has me excited about a new console release, and for good reason. It offers amazing graphics—the best of any handheld, and matches non-handheld consoles. Hell, I’ve accidentally been calling it a console. It’s a handheld, guys. A handheld PS3. But graphics aren’t everything. It also has some awesome games lined up that I’ll list at the end, and some interesting new features that avoid being gimmicky (unlike…another handheld).

We’re not naming names here.

The Vita has two touch inputs: one on the back, one on the front. Don’t want to use the front touch screen? Just use the one on the back, with your spare fingers. This is an improvement on the popular touchscreen applications available, from the iPad to the 3DS—you don’t need to obscure your view and potentially wreck your screen with greasy fingerprints in order to use touch controls. It keeps the fingers that would normally be static (middle, ring, pinky) immersed in the game.

What’s more, in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, there’s alternate ways to do touchscreen actions—so if it’s not your style, you can skip it altogether. You can press a button to jump instead of sliding your character to that area, or use the analogue stick to avoid swaying your Vita from side to side for a simple rope swing. Oh, and did I mention the six-axis controls that are behind that? Well, if you’ve ever played Folklore, you know how cool that kind of technology can be.

This is about to look silly. Or really, really awesome.

I don’t expect either of these gimmicks to be at the forefront of most Vita games, much like the PS3’s gimmicks were rarely seen, but they are there all the same, inviting all kinds of game development creativity. The huge jumps in graphics, RAM, processing power, etc. are to be expected, and I won’t dwell on them. Except to say that the 3DS dropped its price by $80 less than 6 months after its launch. That is all. Other less-notable features are the front and rear camera, the XBox live-style party system, dual analogue sticks, and Augmented Reality. These are all cool features, but they ought to be standard by now.

Okay, that’s enough chit-chat. No one cares about specs and features. Everyone cares about games. So I’ll discuss the games that interest me here, followed by a list of ALL of the PS Vita games that are confirmed. All of them.

1. Gravity Daze

Gravity Daze is one of the launch titles, developed by Team Siren (whoever they are). It caught my attention with the interesting controls and stylized graphics, and I’m very keen on learning about the plot. From what I can see in the demo videos, you play as a woman wearing some kind of sparkling spandex, who can manipulate gravity and use it to navigate the city and deliver powerful blows to enemies. She probably got the ability from that glowing cat, and there appears to be at least one other person like her, who has a raven. And we all know how I feel about birds. Gravity is going to be the first game I purchase for the Vita.

2. Sound Shapes

Sound shapes is another indie launch game, developed by Queasy Games. It doesn’t look amazing—more like a game you’d find on a phone. But it takes advantage of the touchscreen and network available to Sony. Customizing and creating levels is incredibly easy, and the level is what creates the sound track. Yep, so that’s all I know about the game. It still looks like it’ll give a nice new face to both the 2D platformer and music genre, and perhaps attract more casual players to the system.

3. Dragon’s Crown

Whether or not I get this game depends on the first twenty minutes of gameplay—I need to know whether this is just an extended bout of Soul Caliber or an actual game with varied objectives. For anyone who’s satisfied with typical RPGs or fighter games, though, this should be more than enough. All of the graphics are traditionally painted, and there’s a variety of [stereotypical] players to choose from. I am totally playing the wizard, guys. Totally. It can also have up to four players, and you’d be using either wifi or 3G to connect together—not too shabby for a handheld experience.

4. Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Because the game is still in development, I have no trailer to show you. It won’t be a launch title, but it’s confirmed by IGN. It will have a unique plot, a return of monsters from old games—but most interestingly, an emphasis on co-op play. I imagine two characters might be trapped together, and have to cooperate to survive, with each player controlling one…but my knowledge of Silent Hill lore is rather sketchy. I’ve never been able to play more than five minutes due to pretty bad luck IRL, so it’ll be nice to actually play/own an installment. It’s not even a spin-off, wew!

Yep, that concludes my list of things I will probably buy. Are you surprised I didn’t list Uncharted? or Mortal Kombat? Or an untitled Ubisoft game (probably Assassin’s Creed)? Well, we’ll have to see more info before I’ll be tempted, but I’m definitely paying close attention to all the releases and rumors flying around. The launch date of the Vita is expected to be anywhere from October to January—we’ll know by September. For the record, I expect it to be around for the Holidays, so October or November seem plausible—but we’ll have to wait and see. Without further ado, here are the other titles for the PS Vita, with a link to more information:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Call of Duty Vita
Killzone Vita
Resistance Vita
Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7
Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee / Stranger’s Wrath
Rayman: Origins
Little Big Planet
Bioshock Vita
Blazblue: Continuum Shift II Plus
Dust 514
Untitled Falcom Project
Kojima “Fox Engine” Project
Hotshots Golf
Hustle Kings
Dungeon Defenders
Modnation Racers
Reality Fighters
Ridge Racer Vita
Street Fight x Tekken
Mortal Kombat

Dynasty Warriors Vita
Zone of the Enders
Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja
F1 2011
Shoot Many Robots
Super Stardust Delta
Smart As…
Michael Jackson: The Experience
Top Darts
Virtua Tennis

  • To play and review old games with a new perspective.
  • To think of games in the context of art and an understuffed wallet.
  • To deliver solid rumors and leaks of games that intrigue me.

Alright, let the games begin.